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From Sławek Sobótka <>
Subject writing optimal HtmlSelectManyListbox converter
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 14:32:45 GMT
welome back guys. after 1 year of coding fat swt/swing clients i'm 
backing to jsf business (and to your great comunity;).

i can't find SelectItems list in nym converter:(

here is the situation:
i have selectManyListbox thats value is binded to List<Workplcae>. 
select items are binded to List<SelectItem> but each SelectItem's 
value is set to one of the Workplace object.

so we have class situation that needs converter - im working on object 
instead of threis IDs cause it is comfortable with hibernate stuff.

w would like to do it like this:
public Object getAsObject(FacesContext fc, UIComponent comp, String 
str) throws ConverterException {
		UISelectMany selectMany = (UISelectMany) comp;
		List<SelectItem> workplaces = selectMany.
getAllSelectItemsThatAreBindedToComponent(); //<<<======= problem
		Integer id = new Integer(str);
		for (SelectItem o : workplaces)
			if (((Workplace)o.getValue()).getWorkPlaceId().
				return o.getValue();
		return null;

where can i find method like this:
List<SelectItem> workplaces = selectMany.
cause i dont want to fetch all Workplaces from DB once again?

best regards Sławek S.

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