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From Gert Vanthienen <>
Subject Re: CommandButton and styleClass
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 11:13:25 GMT

I'm using MyFaces/Tomahawk myself (version 1.1.3) and I use the 
styleClass attribute for <t:commandButton/> extensively: a submit button 
will automatically be triggered when enter is pressed in a form field, 
with styleClass we can make it look like every other action link on a page.

e.g. <t:commandButton styleClass="edit" />
renders as
<input type="submit" class="edit" /> (omitting all other rendered output 
for brevity here...)

Since the code that does this is shared between MyFaces code 
<h:commandButton/> and Tomahawk's <t:commandButton/>, could you try 
replacing <t:commandButton/> with <h:commandButton/> for testing?  If it 
doesn't work, could you post a JSP snippet of your usage of 
<t:commandButton/> and the output it renders, so I can try to replicate 
the problems you have on my installation here?


Gert Vanthienen

andreygl wrote:
> I'm using Tomahawk MyFaces control CommandButton attribute styleClass. It
> doesn't rendered on output in html.
> Even it isn't displayed if I set JSF control <attribute> inside
> CommandButton like <f:attribute name="class" value="buttonClass"/>.
> Does anybody solve this problem?
> ould sid wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I use MyFaces, I use styleClasse in CommandButton and it does not go, on 
>> the other hand it goes in CommandLink.
>> please if you know the response, write me!!

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