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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: question on : How do I prevent reset of file path in <t:inputFileUpload> component
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 11:15:33 GMT
If you want to keep the filepath in the form presented to user, it's
impossible. This is because for security reason it's impossible in HTML
to initialize a fileupload field. (Imagine a hidden file upload field
which send user confidnetial datas to a malicious server...). However,
the fileupload UIComponent keep it's internal value after the form is
reshown. I think if you don't upload a new value, the component will use
the old one.
Eleni Tsigka a écrit :
> Eleni Tsigka wrote:
>> Marcel wrote:
>> I am successfully using the <t:inputFileUpload> MyFaces component.
>> However, my form contains other components that require validation and
>> several fileUpload components. If there is a validation error after
>> submitting the form, the file path is lost in all fileUpload components
>> and I have to browse again to specify the files to upload. Is there a
>> way to keep this from happening.
>> Thanks in advance for your help,
>> Marcel
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Hi Marcel,
>> I have the same problem. It's very strange. All the other submitted
>> attributes in my page (in one h:form), hold their values between
>> refreshes of the page (due to validation), but the inputFileUpload
>> attribute just lose it. All my attributes are in the same bean  and
>> so in the same scope, I don't understand where's the difference.
>> Have you found a solution to the problem?
>> Many thanks,
>> Elenh
> I'm sorry I forgot to mention that Marcel's mail was sent on Wed, 05
> Apr 2006 22:18:52 GMT.

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