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From Aleksei Valikov <>
Subject Large i18nalized blocks
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 10:18:27 GMT

I'd like to ask, how do people manage large blocks of internationalized 
information in the pages.

I've MyFaces/Facelets app, most stuff is thoroughly i18nalized. I've got 
resource bundles, formats and so on. However, I'm missing a good concept for 
authored blocks of i18nalized information.

Say, I'd like to have an intro page which describes more or less what users can 
do with the application. This is probably a multi-paragraph richt (HTML) text. 
I'd also like to add some command links or buttons ("Click >here< if you'd like 
to search for data.").

This can hardly be implemented with resource bundle-delivered messages. They 
don't allow that rich formatting or using components.

What do you folks do?

I have a couple ideas. For instance, a custom tag/taghandler could choose from 
the provided blocks:

	<in:block locale="en">Hi!</in:block>
	<in:block locale="de">Servus!</in:block>

Alternatively, block could be saved in sub-directories and <in:block 
name="myBlock.xhtml"/> automatically choses between en/myBlock.xhtml or 
de/myBlock.xhtml according to the user locale preferences.

Any suggestions/ideas/hints on that? Thanks!


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