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From "::SammyRulez::" <>
Subject strange conversion occurs
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 07:42:53 GMT
I have a very strange behaviour (my-faces 1.1.3)

I have a t:input bound with a double property. I have set default
locale to Italian ( ',' as separator).
the t:input has a custom converter witch woks fine. But , if the form
ha a validation error in another field, the converter is never called
and a "strange conversion" occurs. By strange I mean that the double
value is rounded at the second decima digit with an rule that is not
the one I implemented in my converter. I rounds digit depending if
they are even or odd!!

I hope some one could help me.

La programmazione รจ per un terzo interpretazione e per due terzi ispirazione.
 E per un terzo mistificazione

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