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From "Gerald Müllan" <>
Subject Re: TOMAHAWK-322: InputSuggestAjax: False Encoding with German Umlauts
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 20:11:11 GMT
Ok, thx werner for the work on this topic and your corresponding comments.

I will have a deeper look into it the next days.



On 9/27/06, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Ok I looked deeper into the problem
> and it seems that dojo itself is quite
> intelligent in the way it handles the encoding issue:
> I tried with two encodings utf-8 and ISO-8859-1
> bind picks up the correct encoding and sends german umlauts
> correctly down the server, the server than can pick up the data
> from the given page encoding and parses them correctly.
> Also on a pure io bind the dojo init param bindEncoding alters
> the encoding on the fly and you get garbage (or not how you see it)
> I dont think the dojo transport layer is at fault here.
> Gerald, I now have to push the ball towards you for a problem
> in the component code itself.
> Just a minor sidenote, i can recommend if you push data down
> to use some kind of neutral encoding to escape such issues
> (i do in my components anyway)
> escape is a good way at least for european languages to
> handle the encoding without too many language encoding issues.
> also I cannot recommend to use iso-xxxx as page encodings, I had too
> many issues with that (beginning from two different isos one with euro
> symbol one without, having issues in ie with euro symbols in encodings
> which should not have them on certain browsers while others do not have
> them etc...)  utf-8 is fine for most cases, and I heartly can recommend
> to use that as default if possible.
> Werner Punz schrieb:
> > Alin Dosoniu schrieb:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> No there is nothing with %20 in strings. I log the string in a file and
> >> there is ?. :(. I don't know how to do to see exactly the string
> >> representation :(. Maybe if I look with a hexeditor.
> >>
> > Btw. i forgot to mention the '?' seems to be an indication for a
> > character encoding problem not a javascript encoding problem.
> > That narrows the problem down to some degree, thanks for your help
> > and patience.
> >
> >


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