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From Jorge Vásquez>
Subject RE: Include Directive Execution...
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 23:01:34 GMT
One question that just came out to me thinking of a solution to this problem
is if somebody has a code fragment where a phase Listener is used in order
to initialize a bean before the Restore View Phase begins…or any idea on how
to implement this.





De: Jorge Vásquez [] 
Enviado el: jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2006 16:54
Para: 'MyFaces Discussion'
Asunto: Include Directive Execution...


Regards to all,


I am using the include directive in xhtml to dynamically load different
pages inside a main page container with the following syntax:


<ui:include src="#{}" />


The idea is that I have a tree and according to the node that is selected
the page that is include should change (The tree executes and action that
modifies the page attribute in toolTabBean.currentTab).  My problem is that
I would like the page to be included somehow before the request processing
lifecycle begins ´cause I need to get the component binding to be done with
the new included page and not with the actual page.  


I think that an answer to the following questions can give me a hint as to
how to proceed:


1.	In which part of the JSF lifecyle is the include directive executed?
2.	Is there any way to anticipate the page inclusion in order to
process the bindings related to the included page?



Cheers and thanks for your time,

Jorge Vásquez

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