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From "Peter Rabing" <>
Subject Re: Using Tobago dynamically from servlet ??
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 09:09:54 GMT
Hi Volker,

I am a little unsure of your answer. The body of the content Panel,
is a method call executed at run-time. The result must be some HTML/JavaScript code inserted
into the page, correct ?
But rather then generate HTML, I'd prefer to generate Tobago components, to be within the
same paradigm. But these would need to be compiled ... ?

Or is there another way to generate the component tree ?



>Hi Peter,
>you don't need to generate a jsp, you just need to create the
>component tree and map it
>via binding into a skeleton jsp.
>  <f:facet name="layout">
>    <tc:gridlayout columns="200px;1*"/>
>  </f:facet>
>  <tc:panel id="navi">
>    <%-- left side navagation --%>
>  <tc:panel>
>  <tc:panel id="content" binging="#{controller.contentPanel}">
>    <%-- content filled by application --%>
>  <tc:panel>
>with this your application has full control over the contentPanels content.
>    Volker
>2006/9/22, Peter Rabing <>:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to create a web page whose structure and layout is determined by my back-end
db. I.e. the layout and structure is highly dynamic in response to user input and the state
of the back-end. Imagine a workflow machine whose masks can be defined by an administrator
and whose steps are determined by a rule engine.
>> I still would like to use the benefits of Tobago such as internationalization, java
script handling etc.
>> I thought about generating a jsp and compile it on the fly, though my guess is that
this doesn't give me a very good performance ...
>> Do you have any other ideas ??
>> Thanks,
>> Peter
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