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From Jorge Vásquez>
Subject HtmlRadioButton problem...
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 17:24:18 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am getting a strange behavior in the htmlRadioRendering process.  The
exception that I am getting is:

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: index 5 >= 5



After going over the HtmlRadioRenderer code I have found that the cause of
the error is due to the fact that the index of the HtmlRadioButton element
that is being rendered is greater than the size of the HtmlSelectOneRadio
list of elements that is referenced by the HtmlRadio element.  I am
generating the Html Object model in java code and in the model that I
generate the indexes are always smaller than the size of the SelectOneRadio
list of elements.  To make things worse this error only appears occasionally
after regenerating the Html object model, but I haven´t been able to
decipher the pattern that originates the error since it is very random.  I
have the feeling that somehow the HtmlRadioRenderer occasionally does some
cache on the HtmlSelectOneRadio, and the size returned isn´t the size of the
current selectOneRadio list but of the previous one…


Unfortunately for me I cannot have a definite decision since my debugging
tool (Exadel Studio) isn´t allowing me to debug the HtmlRadioRenderer at
runtime during execution in tomcat.  

Can anybody help me with this?  



Jorge Vásquez


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