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From Jurgen Lust <>
Subject Re: ScheduleModel questions
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 13:15:07 GMT
I think you will find that you can save a lot of time when you just
extend the AbstractScheduleModel. See the SimpleScheduleModel for an
I suggest you look at the code for those 2 classes, all the answers are
in there :)


Op wo, 13-09-2006 te 07:53 -0500, schreef Stephen Osella:
> Jurgen,
> Thank you for your answers.  I wanted to get a clarification on your answer 
> for question (2):
> >> 2) When do you actually call ScheduleModel.refresh()?  What is its 
> >> purpose?
> >
> > It is used to reload the entries in the schedule model. When you add an
> > entry to the database, you have to call ScheduleModel.refresh() so that
> > it will be shown in the schedule.
> I am trying to understand the model that underlies the ScheduleModel class. 
> I am not binding the ScheduleModel to a database, but rather managing the 
> relationship manually.  When the user selects a date, I am adding the 
> entries for that date (or dates if the mode is WEEK, etc.) and then calling 
> model.refresh().  It seems like I am doing duplicate work when I re-add the 
> entries for a date that has already been viewed (i.e., selected) by the 
> user; however, I am doing that and it seems to work.  I also do a 
> model.refresh() when I change the schedule mode.  Am I doing things remotely 
> correctly?
> Thanks!
> Steve 

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