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From "Frank Russo" <>
Subject RE: Doubt about design of JSF applications
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 11:54:21 GMT
Or if you are starting a new project, you can look into using Facelets
instead of JSP... 

Frank Russo
Senior Developer
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From: Martin Marinschek [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 7:39 AM
To: MyFaces Discussion;
Subject: Re: Doubt about design of JSF applications

Hi Dudu,

The problem you are telling us about sounds like you should have a look
at integrating Tiles with JSF - there is a special
JspTilesViewHandlerImpl class in MyFaces which will help you with this.
You can look at the Tiles-Example of MyFaces to find out how it works.

Basically, you'll need to add the JspTilesViewHandlerImpl to your
faces-config.xml, a special context parameter to your web.xml, and a
tiles-config.xml to your WEB-INF directory.

Then you'll need to extract a basic template from your JSF pages, and
you can extend your other pages from this template.



On 8/16/06, Dudu <> wrote:
> I start developing jsf applications who the components is always 
> generated dinamically, and there are few pages.
> Now I'm starting a personal project, and the components are static...
> There are a PanelPage, and inside the menu1 facet there are a menuTab 
> with various commandMenuItems When the user click on a 
> commandMenuItem, what I should to do:
> 1 - Navigate to other page, who the panelPage will be repetead, and 
> the center is the content what I want.
> or:
> 2 - Without navigation, clearing and after adding childrens to the 
> central panelPage, who there are a menuTab on menu1 facet
> My doubt is, "and every page I need to put the same panelPage with 
> different central content", is it correct??? Anyone can indicate me a 
> document with this discussion??
> Thanks.
> ps: I know the facelets, but I must try to do this using only JSF.


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