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From "Shekhar Yadav" <>
Subject What is the best Ajax JSf framework to use?
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 05:22:21 GMT


We are trying to revamp our web application with JSF based UI. At the
same time we want to incorporate cool Ajax features in the revised
version. We have following AJAX requirements:


1.	The UI is made with three divs <left, righttop, rightbottom>.
Left div is menu, rigthtop is list of items and rightbottom is details
of the items chosen from the righttop table.  We want to be able to
update each div individually without having to refresh entire page for
any selection events on any other div. 
2.	Ability to scroll with pagination controls across pages using
ajax based refresh.
3.	Some of the screen elements are runtime variables which have to
be refreshed every some seconds e.g. memory utilization of the server.
We want to be only refresh specific text elements.


We are debating between Ajax4JSF or Trinidad (adf faces).  We feel that
ADF faces should be the right choice as introducing any other layer for
rendering logic would not be good idea. But we are not sure of the
stability of ADF components.  Also, if adf faces is undergoing major
change then we might have to rewrite our application.


Any help in deciding what framework to choose would be very good.


Note: We use spring as our middle tier if that helps.




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