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From Wolf Benz <>
Subject Re: MessageBundle: internationalization problem
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 13:24:29 GMT
Also make sure you followed the proper filename conventions.
So e.g. for English, and for  
Otherwise the Framework can't figure out what file serves for what  
language. :-)
This is also the way to slip in some jokes; you could e.g. use a  
weird extention never used at your place (like the one for "swahili")  
to provide a local German dialect version of your app.
(to make that work, your users would of course add that to their  
browser languages... )


On 24 Aug 2006, at 14:05, Dennis Klemann wrote:

Hi there,

I recently implemented a website using JSF and MyFaces. Almost  
everything works fine now. The one thing that doesn't:

The messages that appear when e.g. a required text field hasn't been  
filled all come from the "en" message bundle, although the browser  
has another language setting (e.g. "de"). For now, I renamed the "de"  
message bundle to "en", but I see it as a temporary solution only.

Shouldn't the language setting depend on the browser preferences? Or  
is there another way to choose the language?

I've posted this problem to the JIRA, but got forwarded to this  
mailing list:

Kind regard,

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