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From "ved.gunjan" <>
Subject h:selectManyListbox + valuechangelistener not working
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 19:03:41 GMT
Hi Experts,
  Im having problem with implementing the valuechangelistener attribute of h:selectManyListbox.
  The problem is the control is not getting into the 
  valueChangeSelectManyListbox(ValueChangeEvent evt)  method.
  I've put a debug on it, but some how it does not get inside the method.
  Please tell me what im doing wrong.
  Find below the code:
   <h:selectManyListbox size="5" value="#{requirementAnalyzerBean.valueOfMDropDown}" rendered="#{questions.answerType.answerTypeName
eq 'MDrop Down'}" id="selectManyListboxid" valueChangeListener="#{requirementAnalyzerBean.valueChangeSelectManyListbox}">
                              <f:selectItems value="#{questions.option}" />        
  Backing Bean method:
  public void valueChangeSelectManyListbox(ValueChangeEvent evt) {
  Object obj = evt.getNewValue();
  System.out.println("[valueChangeSelectManyListbox]" + evt.getComponent().getId());

  Waiting for answers!!!

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