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From Rigel Freden <>
Subject panelStack and child rendering
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 15:37:49 GMT
I have a simple test-case page that looks like this:
    	<t:panelStack selectedPanel="one">
    		<t:div id="one">
    			<t:inputText id="this" value="#{backingBean.anything.value}" />
    		<t:div id="two">
    			<t:inputText id="that" value="#{backingBean.anything.value}" />
	<t:commandButton />

When I hit the button, I get a warning in my log:
There should always be a submitted value for an input if it is rendered,
its form is submitted, and it is not disabled or read-only.

The log line then goes on to describe how the inputText tag with id
"that" is the object of the warning.  Shouldn't an unrendered parent
component be able to communicate to its children not to render as well?
Or is it my responsibility to do some logic for the child component's
rendered attribute?  This seems like buggy behavior, but I thought I
would check here before filing.  Oh, this is with myfaces and tomahawk
1.1.3.  Would anyone be kind enough to comment?

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