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From "David Friedman" <>
Subject RE: one step delayed url
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 22:55:51 GMT
You could always check out the source code for the OSS project to get you started.  You might even be
able to drop it in to quickly use it.  If I had thought of it before I would
have mentioned it.  It is around 2 years old but I believe it is still
relevant.  Or which was updated just last
month.  I have never tried JGuard so I can't say anything about it.  Whereas
I have actually read the source code to securityfilter and found it very


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From: Jan Zach []
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2006 5:47 PM
To: MyFaces Discussion
Subject: RE: one step delayed url

Hi David,

thanks for explaining. I was writing my own security filter (I did not want
to use the tomcat one because I'm unable to set up pricipal programatically
and probably it would not solve the problem) and this delay complicates the
thing. If I would like to handle access restriction properly I'd have to
have add another check into the navigation handler computing new state from
current state, action, and configuration in addition to checks in servlet
Or am I wrong and there is a better way?


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