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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: Im lost.. please help - anyone
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 23:12:11 GMT
On 7/13/06, ldr <> wrote:
> I have tried to implement panelnavigation2 just like in the tomahawk examples
> (the dynamic one), but when its inside a form it doesnt render the style and
> it looks kinda like this:
> but it works fine on clicks actionlistener gets activated and all... but it
> looks like crap :(
> when I remove the <h:form></h:form> around it the style rendered and it
> looks great but it doesn't work???? this is just like the example??? well it
> can't be I guess I have added the code below:

Recent versions of tomahawk no longer allow you to have command and
input elements outside of a form.   Earlier versions automatically
created a "Dummy form" around these elements, but these dummy forms
caused other problems, so they are no longer supported.

This is probably why it works in a form, but no longer works outside of a form.

I don't know what might be causing your presentation issues, though.

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