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From Matthias Fischer <>
Subject managed-property question
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 10:05:10 GMT

I have a basic question concerning managed-properties:

When are they instantiated? Are they instantiated when their managed
bean is instantiated or only when I use EL in order to access the
managed property?

Maybe anyone can make that clear. If the latter is true - which I
suppose - why was it implemented this way and not the first way? It
forces you to always use createValueBinding method in your bean in order
to instantiate managed properties that are never called from EL in JSPs.
Please do not understand this mail as bashing against JSF! I just want
to understand the reasons and principles behind the framework so I can
use JSF appropriately. And all tutorials I found only address the case
in which managed properties are called via EL... If I have to use
createValueBinding I wonder what is managed here at all (It works even
if I do not specify it as managed property in this case).

Thanks in advance for your effort,

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