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From "Martin Marinschek" <>
Subject Re: Why the "shared" package renaming?
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 12:17:07 GMT
Hi Coloma,

this step was done to ensure that you can use different versions of MyFaces'
implementation and it's component library in the same container, without
fearing incompatibility problems. Imagine you would have a class which had
changed a method signature between versions, and the component library would
not be able to reference the class that the implementation loads - you
couldn't work around this except changing the implementation in the
container. If you weren't allowed to to this, you would be stuck. This is
more of a problem in the future, as JSF will be part of the JEE5 containers.

I wonder why you can't use our sources, though - if you call mvn clean
install once, you should be able to attach the source directories of the
shared project to your jars - I think that in the nightly builds and the
next release, this will even work directly out of the box (correct me if I'm
wrong here, Catalin)



On 6/20/06, Coloma Escribano, Ignacio <> wrote:
>  Is the extra jar in the lib really an annoyance? Hibernate alone has 10+
> jars, and a standard project has bigger problems than an extra jar. But
> right now if I want to create a custom component tag class, to choose the
> parent class (ctrl + spc) the following options are available:
>    - HtmlInputTextTag (from two sources, taglib.html and
>    taglib.html.ext)  which inherits from HtmlInputTextTagBase
>    - HtmlInputTextTagBase (from myfaces.shared_impl and
>    myfaces.shared_tomahawk).
> The real showstopper here is that I cannot browse the sources for the
> shared classes inside Eclipse (because the binaries and the sources package
> names do not match), and am forced to do it by hand. This is really an
> annoyance, because a standard project integrates more than ten frameworks;
> if a couple of them did the same, my performance would drop to a crawl.
> Are you sure that the package renaming gives Tomahawk more independence? I
> would understand it if we were talking about separating layers and using
> interfaces, but how does the package name isolate changes?
> Sorry if I sound inquisitive :)
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> *De:* Cagatay Civici []
> *Enviado el:* martes, 20 de junio de 2006 13:08
> *Para**:* MyFaces Discussion
> *Asunto:* Re: Why the "shared" package renaming?
> Hi,
> To get rid of another shared jar in the lib actually, also make the
> tomahawk more independent from the implementation.
> Cagatay,
> On 6/20/06, *Coloma Escribano, Ignacio* <> wrote:
> Does anybody know why the shared package gets renamed for tomahawk and
> core?
> I'm trying to use the myfaces jar in a project and link the sources to the
> jar (standard procedure, prepare a zip with the corresponding sources and
> attach it to the jar so that framework debugging is possible), but since the
> package names do not match I have to install/launch maven to obtain the
> correct package names, and repeat the procedure for each new release.
> Anybody knows the rationale behind the package rename? Just asking here :)
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