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From Jeff Bischoff <>
Subject Re: [OT] JSF and JVM performance
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 17:32:54 GMT
Well in my initial tests, I did a smaller query first to warm things up. 
But it was really only a quick run of each, as I had other things to do.

Unfortunately, this real-world tests may have led me to an erroroneous 
conclusion. My further investigations today still did not have the 
controls and repetition for definitive results, but they are at least a 
little better.

What I did for each was start JBoss, run the test twice, log off and 
wait 5 minutes, test twice... repeat...

I did have a couple of poor runs at the beginning, but I now believe 
this to be an OS issue(memory paging?), rather than a VM issue (it 
occured this time on the client VM).

Here's some of my runs:
(results in seconds)

	Client VM	Server VM

Run1	25		22
Run2	17		15
Run3	43		18
Run4	25		13
Run5	18		13
Run6	19		18

Median	20		17
Average	24.5		16.5

The server definately takes longer to display the first JSP page (not 
timed), but it doesn't show any disadvantage in the first search. Seems 
my original conclusions were misleading, and the server VM may be a bit 

 > Also have you tried running it on the Jrockit JVM? It consistently
 > outscores sunVMs on appserver profiles.

BEA JRockit? Hmm that would be interesting to compare, but I highly 
doubt I could convince my boss to use a JVM other than Sun's! ;)

As it stands, performance seems much more acceptable than that 
off-the-cuff test indicated.

Thanks for your responses,

Jeff Bischoff
Kenneth L Kurz & Assoc, Inc.

Dhananjay Prasanna wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> *From:* Jesse Sightler []
> *Sent:* Saturday, 24 June 2006 11:36 AM
> *To:* MyFaces Discussion
> *Subject:* Re: [OT] JSF and JVM performance
> How many times did you run your performance test?  Were you timing the 
> first run, or timing some runs after giving it some stress and then a 
> quick breather? :)
> <snip>
> On 6/23/06, *Jeff Bischoff* < 
> <>> wrote:
> I have noticed that Myfaces seems to perform better while running on the
>   Hotspot Client (default) jvm, rather than the Hotspot Server jvm. Have
> any of you noticed this too?
> I would be very interested in this test too, as Jess says more detailed 
> metrics would really help.
> Also have you tried running it on the Jrockit JVM? It consistently 
> outscores sunVMs on appserver profiles.
> Jeff Bischoff
> Kenneth L Kurz & Assoc
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