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From Jeff Bischoff <>
Subject Re: Weird problem with dataTable, commandButtons, inputText
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 20:37:10 GMT
Okay, so I'm not the only one experiencing this. Perhaps it is worth a 
look at the myfaces source, to see why there is no error message logged 
when this happens.

John Mani wrote:
> Yup, that was it. The lack of any sort of error message didn't help either.
> -john
> ________________________________
> From: Jeff Bischoff []
> Sent: Fri 6/9/2006 2:09 PM
> To: MyFaces Discussion
> Subject: Re: Weird problem with dataTable, commandButtons, inputText
> John,
> I might have a clue for you...
> When the page is initially displayed, is "selection" equal to null? i.e.
> #{backer.selection} would return null. If so then,
> #{backer.selection.firstName} will result in a null pointer exception,
> which in my experience with myfaces, does not display any kind of error
> message but simply causes "weird" behaviour - like buttons not working.
> We discussed this a few days ago on [1]
> [1]
> Regards,
> Jeff Bischoff
> Kenneth L Kurz & Assoc, Inc.
> John Mani wrote:
>>I am seeing a weird problem:
>>I have a page that has a toplevel panelGrid with 2 columns.
>>  In the left column, I have a panelGroup containing a bunch of
>>textfields for text entry and
>>then a commandButton with an associated action
>>  In the right column, I have a dataTable and a bunch of inputTexts
>>below the dataTable.
>>The action for the commandButton in the left panel is called
>>"" and
>>invokes the search method in the backer bean. I'm logging a message in that
>>search() method, plus this method does a search and sets up the entries
>>to be displayed
>>in the dataTable in the right column.
>>Now, the inputTexts in the right column have values that go like
>>and so on ... where backer.getSelection() returns a Customer object that
>>has a getFirstName()
>>The weird behaviour is that: if the above inputTexts have values like
>>above : i.e., "backer.selection.firstName"
>>etc. the commandButton doesn't seem to fire the search() method - the
>>log message doesn't get
>>printed and the dataTable is not filled up. However, if the inputTexts
>>have values like
>>"backer.firstName" (where backer.getFirstName() is a method that returns
>>a simple string), the
>>commandButton does fire the search() method.
>>I'm at a loss - as these two seem completely independent.
>>Sorry for the long and rambling mail, but any clues?

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