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From "Anthony Hong" <>
Subject Re: When Can I can the latest tomahawk example source code
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 09:16:21 GMT
I have found how to use this example integrate with facelt.
Menu looks well. But I don't know what should I put into action
argument,  what I put into there doesn't decode correct in html page

 NavigationMenuItem vendorManagement = new NavigationMenuItem("Vendor
Management", null);
        NavigationMenuItem vendor = new NavigationMenuItem("Vendors",
        vendorManagement.add(new NavigationMenuItem("Split",null,null,true));
        vendorManagement.add(new NavigationMenuItem("OCN",null));
        NavigationMenuItem missingInvoice = new
NavigationMenuItem("Missing invoice", null);


What page shows is:
var menuComp_menu =
[null, 'Vendor Management', null, 'linkDummyForm', null,
[null, 'Vendors', 'menuComp_menu:A]page_vendor', 'linkDummyForm', null],
[null, 'Split', null, 'linkDummyForm', null],
[null, 'OCN', null, 'linkDummyForm', null]],
[null, 'Missing invoice', null, 'linkDummyForm', null]];

It doesn't correct. what's wrong with my code

On 5/23/06, Anthony Hong <> wrote:
> I want to know how to write jsCookMenu in backend. Thanks
> <t:jscookMenu id="menu2" layout="hbr" theme="ThemeOffice"
> styleLocation="css/jscookmenu">
>        <t:navigationMenuItems id="navitems"
> value="#{navigationMenu.panelNavigationItems}" />
>    </t:jscookMenu>
> --
> Anthony Hong


Anthony Hong

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