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From "Todd Patrick" <>
Subject Deployment warning: /WEB-INF/faces-config.xml has been specified in the javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES context parameter of the deployment descriptor
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 15:27:08 GMT
When I deploy a Myfaces based project to Sun Java System Application
Server 8.2, I receive the following warning:
has been specified in the javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES context parameter of
the deployment descriptor. This should be removed, as it will be loaded
twice.  See JSF spec 1.1, 10.3.2|#]
Therefore, I went and looked at the JSF spec 1.1 as noted below. What
should I be removing to clear this warning?
I checked my web.xml file and it does have:
Is it ok to remove this, since my faces-config.xml is in the /WEB-INF
directory? I just want to double-check.
JSF spec 1.1, 10.3.2:
At application startup time, before any requests are processed, the JSF
implementation must process zero or more application configuration
resources, located according to the following algorithm:
Search for all resources named "META-INF/faces-config.xml" in the
ServletContext resource paths for this web application, and load each as
a JSF configuration resource (in reverse order of the order in which
they are returned by getResources()).
Check for the existence of a context initialization parameter named
javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES. If it exists, treat it as a comma-delimited
list of context relative resource paths (starting with a "/"), and load
each of the specfied resources.
Check for the existence of a web application configuration resource
named "/WEB-INF/faces-config.xml", and load it if the resource exists.
This algorithm provides considerable flexibility for developers that are
assembling the components of a JSF-based web application. For example,
an application might include one or more custom UIComponent
implementations, along with associated Renderers, so it can declare them
in an application resource named "/WEBINF/ faces-config.xml" with no
need to programmatically register them with Application instance. In
addition, the application might choose to include a component library
(packaged as a JAR file) that includes a "META-INF/facesconfig. xml"
resource. The existence of this resource causes components, renderers,
and other JSF implementation classes that are stored in this library JAR
file to be automatically registered, with no action required by the
application. Chapter 10 Using JSF in Web Applications 10-11 XML parsing
errors detected during the loading of an application resource file are
fatal to application startup, and must cause the application to not be
made available by the container. Whether or not a validating parse is
performed is up to the JSF implementation; it is recommended that the
JSF implementation provide a configuration parameter to control whether
or not validation occurs.

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