I'd integrated some rico components with jsf. But not the ajaxified ones. (accordion, the other panel features etc.). Working along nicely with the JSP too. Anyone has a requirement for such components? maybe pack them up as an open source project...

On 4/4/06, Martin Marinschek <martin.marinschek@gmail.com> wrote:
The problem James speaks of has been fixed in the latest release of prototype.

What remains is a pollution of the namespace. Prototype defines
classes like 'Effects' or 'Event'. How big is the chance that another
library might do the same? Decide if that's a risk you want to take,
for a framework, it's not a risk you should take.

Now I discussed with the prototype guys to fix that, but the response
was not positive, so we decided to switch to dojo.



On 4/3/06, Dennis Byrne <dennis@dbyrne.net> wrote:
> >we were happy with rico & prototype... :)
> You may want to check out James McParlane's blog before you bring prototype.js or any of it's derivatives into your application.
> http://blog.metawrap.com/blog/WhyIDontUseThePrototypejsJavaScriptLibrary.aspx
> >Mert
> Dennis Byrne



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