Hi Mike,

Gonna try that... Last time I took 1.1.3 it screwed up my entire application. Hope that works... Thanks...


Mike Kienenberger wrote:
On 4/4/06, Andreas Zeller - zit-systems <andreas.zeller@zit-systems.de> wrote:
I got a problem with the inputCalendar. The popup works just fine, but
only if I request the page twice. If I don't, nothing will happen when I
click the icon.

I'm using Tomcat 5.5, Facelets and MyFaces stable.

If by "MyFaces stable" you mean MyFaces 1.1.1, then you need to
upgrade.   1.1.3 should be out soon, but you can grab the current
1.1.3 release candidate now.

There were a number of inputCalendar bugs fixed after 1.1.1 and a
number of facelets interaction duplicate id problems fixed as well
after 1.1.1