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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Getting the myFaces Sources for Dummies
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 14:41:55 GMT
FSchaare schrieb:
> Hi,
> getting rid of the sublibse plugin was a good tip. With tortoisesvn, i
> was able to checkout the sources and build it like described in the Wiki.
> But whats next ? Maven has compiled the following jars:
> - myfaces-api-1.1.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
> - myfaces-shared-core-2.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar
> - myfaces-shared-core-2.0.2-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar
> - myfaces-shared-impl-2.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar
> - myfaces-shared-impl-2.0.2-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar
> - myfaces-shared-tomahawk-2.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar
> - myfaces-shared-tomahawk-2.0.2-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar
> How are these related to the jars packaged in the nightly builds ?
> I downloaded the latest nightly build and found the following:
> - myfaces-api-1.1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar
> - myfaces-impl-1.1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar
> - myfaces-shared-tomahawk-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
> - tomahawk-1.1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar
> Remember my (simple) task: Get the latest myFaces Snapshot and attach
> the sources in Eclipse for code rewiewing. Now, i can replace
> myfaces-api-1.1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar with myfaces-api-1.1.4-SNAPSHOT.jar. But
> i canĀ“t replace tomahawk-1.1.2-SNAPSHOT.jar with
> myfaces-shared-tomahawk-2.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar. All the custom classes are
> not included.
> Obviously, there is a huge reorganisation in code-packages, but how do i
> know what is going on here ?
> Does anyone know a less complex way to get the latest myFaces Snapshot
> with included sources ? This drives me nuts...
Actually this shared thingy is a constant confusion problem,
there is an internal code reorg going during rebuild
where the shared classes are attached under different namespaces
into the different jars.
What you have to do is not to replace the tomahawk jars with the shared
ones, but add them to the build infrastructure additionally
so that myfaces-imple references
myfaces-impl-shared and myfaces-impl-shared-source etc...

same goes for the sandbox which has dependencies into tomahawk and
tomahawk shared (and 1-2 components into the sandbox)

All this shared stuff is done due to the fact to encapsule the
dependencies of the subprojects so that tomahawk, the sandbox, togago
and in the future adf will have an easier way to share code and still be
able to run on the ri as well.

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