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From "Dennis Byrne" <>
Subject Re: Using EL in id attribute of selectBooleanCheckbox tag
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 23:01:28 GMT
UIComponent.setId() takes a String and UIComponentBase.isIdValid is sure to throw an exception
.  Do you mean instantiating a ValueBinding in order to get the actual String ?

Dennis Byrne

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>From: Mike Kienenberger []
>Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 06:48 PM
>To: 'MyFaces Discussion'
>Subject: Re: Using EL in id attribute of selectBooleanCheckbox tag
>On 4/27/06, metadata_madness <> wrote:
>> I have a datatable that has a column with a checkbox (selectBooleanCheckbox)
>> in it. I would like to assign a variable value to the id attribute of the
>> selectBooleanCheckbox us EL, but I get a parsing error at runtime. Here is
>> my code:
>> <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="#{product.uuid}" value="#{product.selected}"/>
>> The "#" seems to cause problems. Is there any way to use a variable for the
>> id of the checkbox?
>On 4/27/06, metadata_madness <> wrote:
>> I was afraid of that. Thanks for the reply Dennis.
>Actually, you can do it by programmically setting the id in code
>rather than using an attribute tag.
>I've also seen mention of being able to do it with Facelets with jstl
>tags.   Don't know if that'd work for you without facelets.

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