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From "Michael Heinen" <>
Subject Backing Bean initialization with Managed Property fails
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 14:39:31 GMT
Hi all,


I don't get a map entry of my managed bean initialized with an object

Instead it contains only a String with the class name.




First I have a bean called Range.












This bean should be used in another bean:
















public class Search implements {

private Map<String, Object> attributes;

            public Map<String, Object> getAttributes() {...}

            public void setAttributes(Map<String, Object> attributes)




Class xxx.Search contains a Map called attributes.

Now I want to initialize this map with an entry of type Range.


The problem is that the Map attributes contains only a String
"" instead of the Range object.

Range and Search are both serializeable.


What's going wrong here?

Is it generally possible to init collections with objects?



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