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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: How to implement a Start Again Button on a edit view
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 21:17:42 GMT
On 4/4/06, Lindholm, Greg <> wrote:
> The <redirect/> does start fresh but I cannot use it
> because I loose my backing-bean which has the original object
> to be modified. My backing bean is request scope and passed
> around with the <t:saveSate/> which doesn't work across
> a <redirect/>.

Well, you're asking for two conflicting things.   A "new" page, but
also a page that isn't new (remembers the t:saveState).   You could
temporarily put the bean into session-scope and remove it after the

> Previously the startAgain() method was just returning null.
> I changed the startAgain() method to to return "startAgain"
> and added a navigation rule back to the same page and now it
> is working.
> Is this expected/defined behaviour?
> Or is it a fluke?
> I don't want to rely on it if it may change in the next
> release.

I don't know.   It's probably reasonable to think that you'll need a
new page if you ask for it "by navigation rule"  -- this would be the
case in a multi-window application.   Null is always supposed to
return the current page.

I'd probably continue with this behavior.   I don't think it will change.

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