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From "Mikael Andersson" <>
Subject Advice please, updated model via valueChange event not render the way I thought
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 11:27:51 GMT
Hi all,
I am relatively new to JSF and have run into a bit of a problem and need
some advice.

I have a semi complex web form where I would like to use a selectOneMenu and
valueChange events to alter various form field values depending on what is

selectOneMenu is used like this:
<select jsfc="h:selectOneMenu" value="#{backing.params.strings['dbType']}"
onchange="this.form.submit( );" valueChangeListener="#{
backing.loadCannedQuery}" immediate="true">
      <option jsfc="f:selectItems" value="#{

The loadCannedQuery method above, reloads the 'params' object with updated
values and then calls renderResponse() on the FacesContext.

The updated values of the Map strings in the params object are correct when
displayed with a outputText component. But when used with an inputText
component the value isn't updated.

I found these threads which seem to be about this issue, but they don't seem
to provide a solution :

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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