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From Arvid Hülsebus <>
Subject Re: Layout of page components
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 14:44:46 GMT
Tobago calculates widths and heights on the server. Therefore it needs 
to be able to ask components about its size.

We were thinking about providing a way to describe these sizes for other 
component sets.... but this wouldn't help to cope with the theming. 
Currently I don't see a good way to integrate the theming aspect with 
other component sets.


Mike Kienenberger wrote:
> On 4/24/06, Martin Marinschek <> wrote:
>> Look into what tobago has for this - maybe we could port the idea of a
>> layout manager over?
> Yes, it occurred to me right after I sent the message out that looking
> at Tobago was a good place to start.
> I know there were issues with combining Tobago components and other renderkits.
> Is this only because of the theming?
> Looking at the
> example, I don't immediately see anything that couldn't be done within
> a standard renderkit.

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