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From Michael Baranov <>
Subject treetable questions
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 09:13:46 GMT

I'm modeling a treetable much like in examples:

<t:tree value="#{fileManagerBean.treeModel}" var="node"
        styleClass="borderTable" columnClasses="cell,cell,cell">
            <h:selectBooleanCheckbox />
            <t:outputText value="#{}" />
            <h:outputText value="#{node.path}" />

Question 1:
    in the scenario above, the tree column doesn't get the CSS cell 
class. Is there a way to specify one? Any tricks? :-)

Question 2:
    is there a simple way to know what node in the tree was selected 
(using <t:commandLink>), like in dataTable ( tableModel.getRowData() )?

Question 3:
    what's the use of <t:treeCheckbox> ? Au usual 
<h:selectBooleanCheckbox /> will not do?

Thank you so much!!!


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