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From Andreas Zeller - zit-systems <>
Subject Re: t:inputCalandar triggers only after first request
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2006 16:44:58 GMT
Hey Mike,

Thanks at first... The problem was something else. I didn't try 1.1.2 yet.

An explanation for everybody experiencing anything similar. The problem
was actually the path. When I init my application, it will at first
start with /contextpath/welcome.xhtml and forward to
/contextpath/pages/somepage.xhtml. The actual problem is, that it shows
the page I requested, BUT there is still
"http://top.level.domain/contextpath/" in the browser address bar.

I "fixed" this by adding a welcome-screen that forces you to navigate
somewhere before taking any action. Result is, that JSF now rewrites the
URL to something absolute. I don't actually know, why that is...
somehow, JSF always displays the address of the previous page, since I
the action I triggered leads me to the current page but displays the
next, which will be found in the navigation rules. Quite irritating,
from my point of view...

I can work around it, but is there any way to fix this? Or is it just my
way of programming that messes up the URL?


Mike Kienenberger wrote:

>On 4/5/06, Mike Kienenberger <> wrote:
>>Grabbing the 1.1.3 snapshot is probably good enough at this point.
>Oops!   I just found out that you want one of these files to get the
>release candidate!

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