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From Bjørn T Johansen <>
Subject Re: Something similar to Struts <nested:iterate> tag?
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 06:03:06 GMT
On Mon, 3 Apr 2006 22:44:04 -0700
"Craig McClanahan" <> wrote:

> On 4/2/06, Bjørn T Johansen <> wrote:
> >
> > Does there exist something similar to <nested:iterate> tag in myfaces/jsf?
> > Or should one use a datatable with just one row and and one column and
> > populate this cell with html
> > components? Or is there another way?
> IIRC, the ADF Faces library has a component that is analogous to the JSTL
> <c:forEach> tag, which could be used for this type of thing (but avoids the
> JSP/JSF interoperability problems in JSF 1.0/1.1 that are cured in JSF 1.2).
> Another approach would be to create a customized renderer for the UIData
> component that encapsulates iteration for the standard table component.  The
> JSF RI download[1], available under a CDDL license, includes some demo
> components and renderers ... one of which is a "Repeater" that is a renderer
> designed to be subclassed and specialized ... you override a protected
> method to do whatever you want at the beginning and end of each row, as well
> as the beginning and end of each column.  The default implementation behaves
> like the standard renderer (it emits <tr> around each row and <td> around
> each column), but this can be easily customized for your particular use
> case.
> The advantage of this approach is you get to focus on tweaking just the
> markup, without having to get inside all the complexity of the UIData
> component itself.  Trust me, you'll be *much* happier not to have to do that
> :-).
> Regards,
> >
> > BTJ
> Craig
> [1]

I.e. using just one cell in a datatable is not a solution....
I'll have a look at that "Repeater" then... Thx... :)


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