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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: DEFAULT_SUFFIX question again
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2006 04:57:11 GMT wrote:
> so it turns out I can't use *.jsf as the file extension if I am already
> using for the filter stuff to go to Faces Servlet.  What is bizarre though
> is when I start using *.faces as my filter and *.jsf as my file extension,
> MyFaces sends back <jsp:root and stuff to the browser instead of changing
> everything to html.  It does not seem to be processing the *.jsf(JSF jsp)
> file.  Any one know why?

Yes, you would need to tell your servlet container to process *.jsf 
files as JSPs. It has no way of knowing what a .jsf file is unless you 
tell it. How you do that would probably depend on what servlet container 
you're using. For Tomcat, you would do it be specifying a servlet 
mapping for *.jsf in your web.xml.


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