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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: MyFaces Tomahawk
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 20:35:27 GMT

Sorry.  I can't help you.   I've never used the JSF RI, nor do I use
server-side state saving.

You could either implement the special phase listener described in 
TOMAHAWK-134 or you could try asking on the JSF RI list why
saveState/restoreState aren't called for server-side state saving.

I'm cc'ing your message to the "MyFaces User mailing list"
<> as you're far more likely to get help there
than emailing me directly.

On 3/21/06, Rick Nendza <> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> I'm really sorry to bother you. Your probably not the right person but I've
> noticed activity on this JIRA but yet no patch to grab.
> I promise to start contributing in the future! Any help would be appreciated
> it as I'm at a desperate standstill!
> I'm a independent consultant for IBM (previous employed by IBM) helping them
> with development of a web requisition system.
> I'm really desperate for some sort of solution / patch for JIRA 134 (
> The client insists on using the Sun 1.1 RI with IBM extensions and allows
> Tomahawk extensions (using RAD 6.0.1 for development)
> They insist on using STATE_SAVING_METHOD  set to the server.
> I need to maintain a backing bean that contains a complex object graph (all
> objects serializable) for which its data was not easy to get (many many db
> queries).
> I simply need to maintain this duing the reload of the page or trigger of an
> post that redisplays the page for that matter.
> I've looked at t:saveState and it apears that the SUN RI refuses to call
> saveState() / restoreState() on the UIComponent when using a server
> I've looked at ADF and client deems it too drastic to incorporate at this
> time.
> I've looked at flowState done by the boys at Berkley but wasn't unable to
> get that to work either because I'm simply not implementing it right or
> perhaps they were reliant on Client STATE_SAVING_METHOD with the SUN at the
> time it was development.. not sure.
> Thanks Man!

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