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From "Enrique Medina" <>
Subject More playing with Ajaxanywhere
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 20:55:40 GMT

During my testing with Ajaxanywhere, I have tried to make a central zone of
my page completely "ajaxed". However, I haven't been able to succeed
totally, due to the fact that the URL does never change while using "ajaxed"

Basically I enter to a SearchPage.jsf, and then I want to navigate to a
particular item in the search list, i.e. to a MaintenancePage.jsf. If I
don't use Ajax, then using the "redirect-after-post" pattern makes the URL
to change every time I navigate to one page from another different one. For
example, if I'm at the SearchPage.jsf, and navigate to the
MaintenancePage.jsf, now my URL shows precisely the

However, if I use Ajaxanywhere, and start from SearchPage.jsf, then when I
navigate to the MaintenancePage.jsf, the URL obviously does not get updated,
and this causes strange behaviour in my application or simply does not work
the way it should. I've tried to combine both Ajaxanywhere with redirect,
i.e. use Ajax whenever actions occur in the same page (e.g. search by
different criteria, ordering columns, scrolling between results, etc), but
always make a redirect whenever I navigate to another different page. And
this works fine, but it's not the complete "ajaxed" solution.

So I think I'm missing something. Can anyone explain me why there is this
dependence between actions in the page and the current URL in the browser?
Can I do something to inform JSF about the page change, but continue to use
Ajax in any case? I hope I have explained my problem clearly, so everyone
can understand what is happening and give me some workarounds ;-)

Enrique Medina.
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