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From Volker Weber <>
Subject Re: Tobago sheet sorting
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 17:29:37 GMT

i just test it in the demo examples sheet page, it works in firefox (i'm
on a linux box, so i just can't test on IE), but it's produces illegal
html, and looks different because of the label style.

The label element is rendred (in HTML) nested in an as anchor tag
(<A ...><label ...> labelText </label></A>) which results, when inside
link, in nested anchors, which may not work.

Use t:out instead, this looks better, but even different from standard
links, and should work also on any browser.


Iryna Stetska wrote:
> HI,
> I tried using construction like this:
> <t:link action="somepage">
>         <t:label value="blabla">
> </t:link>
> In this case the links are not displayed, just labels instead (not
> clickable).
> Please help
>>Hi Olexandr,
>>First: please don't use SortableByApplication, this will be removed.
>>We are thinking about to allow applications to register a eventListener
>>to recieve sort events and do the sorting there.
>>Now to your problem:
>>Currently sorting of links should work if you use a t:label tag inside
>>the t:link instead of the label attribute.
>>I think the sorting code is older than the label attibute on the link tag.
>>Please oben a jira issue to support this.
>>  Volker
>>Olexandr Zakordonskyy wrote:
>>>Hi Tobago Team.
>>>Help me with sorting column which contains t:link component.
>>>In sorter there is a todo:
>>>          // TODO: locale / comparator parameter?
>>>          // don't compare numbers with Collator.getInstance() comparator
>>>//        Comparator comparator = Collator.getInstance();
>>>//          comparator = new RowComparator(ascending, method);
>>>It may be possible to use SortableByApplication, but 
>>>Line 156 is commented....
>>>Please, help.

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