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From Nikita Shah <>
Subject Re: Make all components ReadOnly
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 14:21:50 GMT
Hi Martin 
  I also have a similar requirement, where if a user is under a  "Readonly" role then all
the views/pages must be in "Readonly" mode.
  So the check is made during authentication depending on the user role.
  Can you please provide some example or a code snippet elaborating your  point.? How do we
set 'displayValueOnly' on container-component .. ?

Martin Marinschek <> wrote:  There is the attribute: displayValueOnly
on Tomahawk components

which you can set on a component (or also on a container-component, in
which case it will be inherited down the tree).

You can of course go through the tree and set the attributes yourself
- this will only work for the current view, though.



On 2/1/06, Ravi Gidwani  wrote:
> Hi Experts:
>            i was wondering if there was Quick way of making all the
> components under a view or all the views or all pages readonly/Disabled.
> Or Is there a way i can do that from code (i mean manipulating the
> components using the component tree ) ?
> Thanks
> ~Ravi


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