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From "Jeffrey Porter" <>
Subject RE: "Validation Error "_id89": Value is required" in dataTable
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 09:18:40 GMT

You can use the "for" label on a outputLabel so that this code...


<h:outputLabel for="rackNumber" value="Rack Number:" />     

<h:inputText id="rackNumber" value="#{backingBean.rackNumber}"
maxlength="10" size="20"  />


Will result in the error message...


Validation Error with Rack Number: Value is required.


The "for" and "id" fields are linked by MyFaces, hence giving a more
meaningfull number.


Since you say your < inputText > is not linked to a backing bean, you
can have this...


<h:outputLabel for="rackNumber" value="Rack Number:" />     

<h:inputText id="rackNumber" value="" maxlength="10" size="20"  />





-----Original Message-----
From: Dave [] 
Sent: 12 January 2006 00:47
Subject: "Validation Error "_id89": Value is required" in dataTable


I am using <inputText> inside <dataTable>. is there a way to override

    Validation Error "_id89": Value is required

I did not specify id for <inputText>, because it can not bind to backing
bean and thus not meaningful. 




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