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From Jurgen Lust <>
Subject Re: Schedule component
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 19:24:11 GMT
Hi Uri,

Sorry for the late reply, I have been rather busy at work.

> 1. Are you planning on supporting different start-of-week day?   
I would need an example of how it looks in MS Outlook or Evolution 
before I can implement this. In what Locale is a workweek not 
Monday-Friday for example, and how does it look in MS Outlook? If you 
could supply a screenshot that would be great
>   2. When I asked you if the component supports changing names of months,
> days, etc... You replied that it uses the Java Locale mechanism.
> Do you mean that it uses the locale on the web server? I didn't see any
> setLocale() function. We may have many customers with different locales
> logging-in to the same web server...
JSF uses the Locale of the user's browser. A web browser always sends 
the accepted languages to the server in the request header, in my case 
that would be:
Accept-Language: nl-be,en-us;q=0.8,en;q=0.5,ja;q=0.3
JSF, and therefore the schedule component, uses this information to 
determine which Locale to use.

> 3. What is the Planner component I saw on the Wiki? Is this like the
> Scheduling tab on Outlook?   
The Planner is the meeting planner in Outlook (I don't know what it's 
called in English, I have the Dutch version of Office).
I am first trying to get the Schedule component stable, after that I 
will give this component my full attention.


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