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From M Litherland <>
Subject inputHtml broken in IE?
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 20:57:59 GMT

I'm building a rather complex web form in Faces (using Sun's RI out of 
NetBeans with Tomahawk) and I'd like to use the inputHtml tag from 
Tomahawk to replace a number of Textarea tags.  In trying to replace 
just one I found out that setting style="height: 30ex;" (or some other 
value) was mandatory or the editor window wouldn't show up in IE.  Once 
I got past that hitch I found out that if I saved some information in 
that tag, exited the application and went back into IE the information 
would show up briefly than be erased by whitespace.  Only by exiting and 
re-entering that 'view' would the information come back again (briefly, 
then disappear again).

Brilliant work on the tomahawk extensions, by the way.  If I can get 
this to work you'll officially have saved me weeks or months of work 
doing things like file uploads, tabbed views and WYSIWYG editors by hand.


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