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From Carsten Stiller <>
Subject PanelNavigation2 and <redirect /> workaround and serialization
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 09:46:42 GMT

I'm trying to solve the problem with PanelNavigation2 and redirects (the 
active elements can't be saved when using redirects so the menutree 
doesn't stay open after invoking one action.)

I put a bean called menu into the weblayer where I can save the current 
HtmlNavigationMenu-item. Pretty simple, something like this:

     private HtmlPanelNavigationMenu navPanel;

     public HtmlPanelNavigationMenu getNavPanel() {
         return navPanel;

     public void setNavPanel(HtmlPanelNavigationMenu navPanel) {
         this.navPanel = navPanel;

and in the jsp I just use the binding-attribute of panelNavigation2:

<t:panelNavigation2 id="nav2" layout="list"  binding="#{menu.navPanel}">

It works pretty well, but I'm getting a NotSerializableException for the 
HtmlNavigationMenu class everytime the jsp is called. The exception can 
be catched and it works anyhow ...

Is there any reason the Serializable-interface isn't implemented for 
this class?


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