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From "::SammyRulez::" <>
Subject Re: HtmlGraphicImage and width/height parameters
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 11:25:02 GMT
you have plenty of options to do that using different stylesheet files
for each supported  resolution

detect the client resolution in a Session scoped bean
detect the client resolution custom viewHandler
detect the client resolution in a filter chained before jsf rendering

first one is the easiest for me

this could be usefull also

2006/1/9, Nicola Benaglia <>:
> ::SammyRulez:: ha scritto:
> > put them in css style class. Don't put presentation data in you bean ;-)
> My needs are to dimension an image, after having collected information
> about the resolution of the client's monitor.
> So I have to recalculate the width and height.
> CSS are not involved in this case, IMHO.
> Bye
> Nicola
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