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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: is there any tutorial or sample for Myface localization ?
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 19:12:30 GMT
Legolas Woodland wrote:
> Hi
> Thank you for reading my post.
> is there any sample which i can learn localizing JSF application from it ?
> my questions are
> 1-where to put the .properties file , in Struts i could define them in 
> struts-config.xml  but i do not have any clue about jsf
> 2-how to call key from .properties file ? in struts <bean:message  , 
> but  is jsf i do not know
> 3-does it needs some specefic declaration to make a jsf application 
> localized ?
It is much easier than in
Struts (like most stuff in JSF), you do not have to defined it at all in 
the config file.
The trick is that you have a tag for this stuff and thus can put
as many internationalisation files as you like into your forms:

f:loadbundle does the trick

it is way more flexible that way because you can add and remove bundles
on the fly as you like it.

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