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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: DHTML scripting and JSF apps
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 20:09:43 GMT
Steve Ivy wrote:
> Hm. I think it's not a gap in MyFaces, just in the extensions
> (tomahawk?). The extensions provide the forceId functionality but not
> for any JSF component, only for the extension components I think.
Actually no, the tomahawk extensions have eqivalents for most of not all
standard jsf components, you will find a t:form for instance as well as
a t:inputText or t:commandLink

the only missing component I found recently was a t:outputformat, but 
the functionality might be hidden in t:outputtext (I have not looked 
into it)

The reason for this is, that you cannot extend the functionality of the 
standard components (I am not sure but I think forceid was the reason
for the component duplication) thus all the components are mirrored in 

> Anyway, I've decided to forgo the whole thing and build the path to
> the elements I need in javascript, and just accept that the extra path
> info is always going to be in the element ids.
Yes, it is, but make sure you set the ids of the parent components 
explicitely, otherwise you might run into troubles with the auto id

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