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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: JSF and Command EJB and XA Transactions
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 10:36:48 GMT
Servlet filters might do the trick in your case...
also you might consider to move the business logic concerns which have
to be combined transactional into a single session bean call per concern
and put that one into transactional control.

TRIFILETTI, Mel wrote:
> At the moment we have a struts application which we are trying to move
> to JSF.
> We are using XA transactions in our application. Currently we use a
> command pattern in struts, we implement this by calling the command in
> the our base action execute() method, which calls our actionExecute()
> method. This means that the logic in all sub classes is placed in the
> actionExecute() which runs in the command.
> The advantage of this is, all our logic is automatically run in an XA
> transaction, and all our ejb references are placed in one place on the
> command. 
> So my question is:
> I am trying to find a convenient customisation point in JSF so I can run
> all my business logic in a single transaction via the EJB command pattern.
> I have had a brief look at a phase listeners, which provides the
> beforePhase() and afterPhase() methods. Given the two methods I can't
> use the command pattern but could maybe use straight JTA to accomplish
> my goals.
> I thought about looking at modifying the guts of the faces servlet but I
> would rather not do that.
> Where else can I look?
> Mel
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