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From Peter Maas <>
Subject myfaces in weblogic
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 08:30:08 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to get a basic myfaces application to run on weblogic 8.1 but
without any luck yet. I googled arround a bit and found some contradicting
bits on form but no 'THIS is how to to it, THIS is why'.

The problem I'm running into seems to be related to context initialisation:

        at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletStubImpl.prepareServlet(
        at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.preloadServlet(
        at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.preloadServlets(
        at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.preloadResources(
        at weblogic.servlet.internal.HttpServer.preloadResources(
        at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebService.preloadResources(
        at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletInitService.resume(
        at weblogic.t3.srvr.SubsystemManager.resume(
        at weblogic.t3.srvr.T3Srvr.resume(
        at weblogic.Server.main(

A forum on the sun site recommends the use of a specific listener, which is
not included in the myfaces distribution... another post on yet another
forum recommended the use of a different servlet (
net.sourceforge.myfaces.webapp.MyFacesServlet) which is no part at of the
myfaces distribution either?

any help appriciated!


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