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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: [OT] Dynamic Updates for Internationalization
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 18:15:38 GMT
In fact, I do think that we should all stop using f:loadBundle right
away - it causes too many problems, e.g. with partial page rendering.

Instead I'd use some managed-bean for i18n, and retrieve the values
for this managed bean from the database, just as you pointed out. I
have to solve this for a project I'm currently working on - but I
haven't worked out all the use-cases you mention here.



On 12/28/05, Mike Duffy <> wrote:
> I am sending this [OT] topic to this list in hopes that someone has already solved this
> problem.
> What is the best way to do dynamic updates for internationalization?
> Suppose you had a drop-down list and the labels for this list are translated into other
> also, suppose that administrators can dynamically update this list.  When an administrator
adds a
> new item they would of course be adding the label in the language of their current locale.
> It is a given that there would need to a work-flow for translating the values.  The basic
> is, what type of structure should be used to store the values.  It seems like a properties
> would be inadequate and that it would be necessary to store the values in a database.
> As a very simple example, if there was a drop-down list for types of  "Pets" containing
> "dog", "fish", etc. and a user added a new value, "hamster", the label would go into
the data
> structure in the language of the user's current locale and a translator would be notified
to make
> the translations for the other locales. Until the translations are complete, the default
> could be the original value entered or the system could default to not display any value
until the
> translations were complete. There are most likely many other related issues that I have
not yet
> thought of.
> Please share your thoughts.
> Mike
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