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From Sławek Sobótka <>
Subject how to force users to use menu instead of typing url
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 13:47:18 GMT
hi guys

im back to jsf (and list;) after long time coding SWT

here is the problem:
our app uses myfaces menu component. click on almost each menu item causes performing somme
action, than moves user to another page.

mentioned actions prepeare beans "binded" to pages...
so when new view is trying to take data from beans than everything is ok - beans contains
proper shiny data


when user is not clicking menu but just typing/paste/bookmark url, than beans are not prepeared
and here we have disaster:/

question: how to detect fact that user is using menu or user is "causing" action invoication
or - form the other side - how to detect url typed into browser bar?

i gues it can be found in somme phase stuff or sth...



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